European GNSS Supervisory Authority (GSA)

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Support to Galileo Certification


The Galileo system is being developed to provide a number of navigation services tailored to meet the requirements of different user communities. In order to support the introduction of Galileo for the different Safety of Life communities, it has been decided at programme level to perform a number of tasks related to the certification of the Galileo system.

In this context, the GSA was created with, among others, a mandate to ensure that the components of the system are duly certified. In addition, this will empower the appropriate authorised certification bodies with the ability to issue relevant certificates and monitor the adhesion to related standards and technical specifications. The GALCERT project contributes to a number of preparatory tasks in the domain of Galileo System Certification.  

Special Feature

GALCERT was the first official work on certification of Galileo assigned by a GSA Call. It constitutes the basis for upcoming studies.


A comprehensive overall certification process for all users and all domains has been developed. It involves the various existing norms which define the certification of Galileo.