The success of every enterprise results from a summation of single decisions which are based on existing knowledge. It is essential that information is not regarded as knowledge. Information, dates and trends have to be evaluated and weighed. Thereby the individual focus, which might be highly limited by the individual experiences, is obstructing a capacious point of view.

That is why it is essential to sustain the position of one’s own enterprise by external consulting, especially in the High-Tech-Sector. Innovations, new products, new markets, new target groups, new solutions – all of these are essential to avoid falling behind the competitors.

GAUSS helps its clients to cope with this challenge. Many years of field experience together with new approaches to science and practical experience in consulting guarantee the maximum success beyond the status quo. The GAUSS consultants develop individual solutions for positioning and navigating applications as well as for their licensure and certification with the client. Alongside technological consultancy, business analysis is firmly included in the process.