In terms of safety critical components in the area of GNSS-systems or products, it is clear that several assessments have to take place before a component, service or product can be certified or brought into market.

These assessments must be done in several areas. For components for example, the electromagnetic compatibility is essential for all usages of electronic components in GNSS-systems. In terms of products, assuming the corresponding standards and requirements have been met, the correct functionality of product features can be tested and further on, certified.

Furthermore, every newly developed hardware or software has to be tested for good functionality. Do you wish for independent testing of your new device or new software? GAUSS provides different test levels for every development stage. Parts or components of a complex system can be tested according to their specifications during and after the development. The same applies for complete systems, software modules or finished software packages.

So GAUSS will be at the forefront of tests and assessments in the field of navigating, locating or positioning. We have experts on board for all kinds of products dealing with GNSS in all traffic carriers.